Lillooet Tribal Council
Voyent Alert!

Voyent Alert!

What is Voyent Alert?

Voyent Alert! is a smart notification service specifically designed to meet the needs of our community members and leaders. The flexible platform serves the dual purpose of alerting and advising recipients during an emergency as well as providing targeted day-to-day communication services. These messages can come in a variety of ways; Voyent App, cellphone text, home / work phone – automated voice recording, email, and social media.

Who should sign up?

Voyent Alert is available to all members of the Northern St’at’imc. Whether you are living in the territory or living afar and want to be kept up with what is going on.

What messages can we expect to see?

Voyent Alert can be used for a variety of messages including but not limited to;

  • Emergencies; wildfire, landslide, road closure,
  • Community notification; wildlife in area, missing person,
  • Band notices; Band meeting, community dinner,

Just to name a few.

Voyent Alert! on the App Store (

Voyent Alert! – Apps on Google Play