Lillooet Tribal Council


LTC is governed by Council of Chiefs consisting of one chief from each of the five member communities.  The duties of the LTC Chiefs to advise, govern, and oversee policy and direction.  The LTC Chiefs meet on a monthly basis, the 1st Friday of the month.

For Contacting the Chiefs and the Council, please contact their Chief and Council Administrative Assistant, and/or their community band office administration/reception to figure out the best way for contacting them. Please reference the “St’át’imc Nation Chief and Council List” Page for more information and main contact information.

Chief Ina Williams – Xwísten

PO Box 190, Lillooet, BC V0K1V0

t:(250)256-7423 | f:(250)256-7999

Chief Darrell Bob – Xaxli’p 

PO Box 1330, Lillooet, BC V0K1V0

t:(250)256-4800 | f:(250)256-4881

Chief Bonnie Adolph – Sekw’el’was

PO Box 484, Lillooet, BC V0K1V0

t:(250)256-4136 | f:(250)256-4138

Chief Justin Kane – Ts’kw’aylaxw 

PO Box 2200, Lillooet, BC V0K1V0

t:(250)256-4204 | f:(250)256-4058

Chief Randy James – Tsal̓álh

S-3 Box 76, Shalath, BC V0N3C0

t:(250)259-8227 | f:(250)259-8384