Lillooet Tribal Council
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Lillooet Tribal Council

Andrea LeechAdministrator[email protected]103
Chantelle RileyOffice Manager[email protected]108
Audrey CasperBookkeeper[email protected]105
Helen CopelandLanguage & Culture Coordinator[email protected]116
Belinda TerryLanguage & Culture Preservation[email protected]N/A
Marline JohnLanguage & Culture Preservation Tech:[email protected]N/A
Marcel AdrianLanguage & Culture Tech[email protected]N/A
Cathy NarcisseEducation Coordinator[email protected]WFH/106
Darryl AdrianEmergency Management Coordinator[email protected]107
Jim MacArthurIntergovernmental Advisor[email protected]109
Matt ManuelNatural Resources Coordinator[email protected]WFH
Rebecca RileyFisheries Assistant[email protected]114
Rose Ellen Narcisse
John TerryGeneral Labor115
Daylan GrantCommination Coordinator[email protected]217
General LTC Email [email protected]

St’át’imc Outreach Health Services

Colleen JacobHealth Administrator[email protected]254
Belinda AdolphAdministrative Assistant[email protected]250
Nora BillyCommunity Engagement Coordinator[email protected]220
Linda McDonaldLand Based Healing Coordinator[email protected]219
Patricia ArnouseLBHC Assistant[email protected]261
Matilda BrownDay Treatment Manager[email protected]255
Ted NapoleonCultural Wellness Coordinator[email protected]259
Sandra TerryDay Treatment Assistant[email protected]264
Jen Narcisse-JosephCultural Liaison[email protected]208
Cole LevittMental Health Clinician[email protected]256

Kanuk̀wa7stáliha Family Services

Ina WilliamsKFS Administrator[email protected]203
Kathy JamesAdministrative Assistant [email protected]201
Chantelle JosephAboriginal Child Youth Mental Health Worker
(ACYMH Worker)
[email protected]202
Simone GunklemanChildren/Youth with Special Needs
(CYSN Worker)
[email protected]204
Ayesha MalhiFamily Preservation Worker[email protected]205
Francesca ThevargeCYMH Wellness Coordinator[email protected]209
Moon (Monique) MooreASCD Consultant[email protected]210
Tracy RedanASCD Support Worker [email protected]214
Sheila FrankASCD Support Worker[email protected]211
Rosaline NarcisseFamily Find Worker[email protected]212
Christina LeoJordan Principle[email protected]WFH
Bel TerryFamily Support Worker[email protected]213

Community Adult Learning Centre (CALC)

Ernest ArmannProgram Manager[email protected]307
Jasmine-Rae O’DonagheyContract Manager[email protected]301
Gillian PaulIT Support Worker[email protected]309
Peter PritchardIT Support Worker[email protected]214
Jolene AlecEmployment Councillor[email protected]302
Valerie PetersProject Coordinator[email protected]306
Yvonne LaRochelleProgram Director[email protected]304
Stephanie JosephCALC Program Manager[email protected]303
Shalyn LaRochelleCALC Program Coordinator[email protected]305