Lillooet Tribal Council
St’át’imc Outreach Health Services

St’át’imc Outreach Health Services

The St’át’imc Outreach Health Services (SOHS) works collaboratively with Northern St’át’imc communities, partners in health, and other agencies in the Northern St’át’imc Territory to plan, communicate, advocate, and deliver shared professional health care services.

SOHS Services:

  • Administration
  • Addictions
  • Associate Clinicians
  • Community Based
  • Land Based Healing
  • Nukw7antwal (Day Treatment) & Wellness
  • Other Health Services

The St’át’imc Outreach Health Services (SOHS), established in September 2015, is based upon the work of the Northern St’át’imc Health Leadership which consists of the Health Directors/Leads and Chiefs of Xaxli’p, Xwisten, T’it’q’et, Sekw’el’was, Ts’kw’aylaxw and Tsal’alh.

The decision to activate the SOHS was to administer the Joint Project Board primary health care services; shared outreach professional health services that align with the priorities of the 2015-2017 interim Northern St’át’imc Health Plan: Creating Health System Reform in the Northern St’át’imc Territory.

interim Northern St’at’imc Health Plan

SOHS operates’ as a department under the authority of the Lillooet Tribal Council (LTC) and receives direction from the Northern St’át’imc ‘Hub’ Advisory Committee (NSHAC), which is made up of Health Directors/Leads of St’át’imc communities (Xwisten, Xaxli’p, Tsal’alh, T’it’q’et, Sekw’el’was and Ts’kw’aylaxw). NSHAC provides SOHS direction through collaboration and communication with the Lillooet Tribal Council Health Administrator who reports directly to the LTC Administrator.