Lillooet Tribal Council


In the last year, the Lillooet Tribal Council has established its own IT department to provide the best possible support to staff and end dependency on external contractors. This has included everything from developing IT policies to upgrading the network infrastructure.

Other key changes include:
    • Security software for all staff computers
    • An organizational backup and disaster recovery plan
    • Upgraded network infrastructure and internet connectivity
    • Establishing best practices to maximize what our tools can do for us
    • A cost per user center was created for the IT budget
We are currently collecting data/reports to show sustainability for the internal IT department which we hope will lead to providing IT support fro surrounding St’at’imc communities. This will be an important step in moving towards self-government for the St’at’imc nation.

IT Staff

Gillian Paul IT PROGRAM MANAGER Email: [email protected] 250-256-7523 Peter Pritchard IT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Email: [email protected] 250-256-7523