Lillooet Tribal Council



“Through the values of self-sufficiency, cooperation and respect, we protect our St’át’imc title and rights, our land and resources, and our culture, heritage and language. As well, we deliver services that promote the health and wellness, safety, education, and development of St’át’imc individuals, families, and communities.”


The Lillooet Tribal Council (LTC) was first incorporated in 1976 as the Stl’atl’imx Nation Tribal Council to deliver support and advisory services to its member communities. In 1996 we formally changed our name to the Lillooet District Indian Council, and today we do business as the Lillooet Tribal Council (LTC).

Over the years our mandate has changed and evolved as our member communities grow, and their needs and expectations evolve. Our Purpose Statement includes:

a. To promote and preserve the cultural heritage of the St’át’imc Nation

b. To promote and develop community-based projects that lead to self-sufficiency for members of the St’át’imc Nation

c. To promote protection of the environment and sustainable management of renewable and non-renewable resources within the territory of the St’át’imc Nation.

d. To provide administrative and advisory support services to the members of the St’át’imc Nation, and

e. To organize and manage events consistent with the above.

The LTC works closely with the growing number of St’át’imc Nation and St’át’imc community organizations designed to deliver an array of services to their respective members.