Lillooet Tribal Council



“We the Lillooet Tribal Council protect our aboriginal title and lands, our land and resources, and our culture, heritage and language, health and child and families through research, planning, policy development, coordination, education and negotiation and through incorporating the values of self-sufficiency, cooperation and respect”


The six main objectives of the LTC, as determined on November 8, 1996, are:

  1. To serve as a political forum for the members of the St’át’imc Nation.

  2. To protect and promote the aboriginal title and rights of the members of the St’át’imc Nation.

  3. To promote protection of the environment and sustainable management of renewable and non-renewable resources within the territory of the St’át’imc Nation.

  4. To preserve the cultural heritage and promote the use of the language of the St’át’imc Nation.

  5. To coordinate services among members of the St’át’imc Nation as required.

  6. To serve as an information resource centre for members of the St’át’imc Nation.