Forest Fires Are Preventable!
Forest Fires Are Preventable!

Forest Fires Are Preventable!

Call 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on your cell if you spot smoke, flames, or an unattended campfire.

Many wildfires are human caused and therefore preventable. Preventing wildfires is everyone’s responsibility.

Be part of the solution!

When calling the number above, please try give as much information as possible, the list below will help with determining the best information to give:

  • Location: Where is the fire? How far up the hillside? Closest intersection?
  • Size: Metres? Hectares? Size of a house? Size of a football field?
  • Rate of spread: How quickly is the fire spreading?
  • Fuel: What is burning? Grass, bushes, trees?
  • Smoke/flames: What colour is the smoke? Are flames visible?
  • Threat: Are there any people or buildings at risk?
  • Action: Is anyone fighting the fire?
  • Campfires: Abandoned? Is there a campfire restriction in place?